Solve communication bottlenecks between you and your transport providers
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and coordination system
between shippers and carriers

Internet platform connecting directly from your ERP

Reduce overtime, demurrage costs and information blackholes



Process and information flow improvement

  Stay in contact with your carriers
  Know where your shipments are, at any time
  Keep your customers informed end to end
  Integrate order management with material flow planning and execution


  Make your logistic assets and in-transit stock work harder

  Being on-line with your transport providers and their operations yields:
higher efficiency,
reliable results,

  Solve supply chain kinks ahead of time

  Make information flow faster

  Take decisions in real-time, yet reduce rush or urgent jobs



Brief description

Ours is a service provided through the Internet for the shippers and carriers. It is a communication service between either that links both their Transport Management Planning systems, reducing human clerical work on both sides.
Our product fosters efficiency and productivity as well as performance measurements and benchmarking.
The service is priced as a subscription fee plus pay per use. The set-up cost is low so as to escape most budget procedures. The roll-out of the service is quick. Moreover, the service is highly scalable since it can also be used through web browsers. The total cost of ownership is hence very low, compared to other software or IT investments.
The users are the outbound logistics operators at companies which outsource their transport needs to road hauliers and logistic service providers.

The added value to the logistics operations of a shipper are:
Reduced communication costs (less faxes, phone calls, e-mail)
Reduced labor costs in logistics department
Reduced cost for “rush” orders
Enhanced quality of transport as a service to end-customers
Better focus on transport providers' performance and metrics
On-time and relevant information from the shipper to the haulier enhances overall fleet management for the latter.

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